Through MIDAS® and ESP, GlobeTax solves the withholding tax relief and recovery challenges of investors, issuers, and intermediaries across the global custody chain.

Full Service Tax Recovery

GlobeTax’s MIDAS® manages all aspects of the claim identification and submission process, helping clients annually add up to 50 basis points of performance.

Who we help

  • Fund Managers
  • Tax Exempts
  • Asset Managers
  • Banks/Brokers
  • Trusts
  • Financial Advisors
  • Pensions
  • High Net Worth Individuals

Streamlined Tax Disclosure

GlobeTax’s ESP platform streamlines intake and processing of beneficial owner data and documentation, improving efficiency market-wide. 

Who we help

  • Depositary Banks
  • Withholding Agents
  • DTC Participants
  • CSDs
  • Transfer Agents
  • Custodians
  • Issuers
  • Tax Authorities