Online Safety
Queensland Anglican Schools Cyber Safety Champion Network

Queensland Anglican Schools Cyber Safety Champion Network

A Cyber Safety Champion Network has formed to support cyber safety activities in Queensland Anglican Schools. The Cyber Safety Champion Network is a network of professionals who share:

  • an interest in school cyber safety activities
  • ways of working on cyber safety
  • solutions to cyber safety concerns; and
  • ideas and good practices.

The network also functions to lead and support organisational change for cyber safety quality improvements, to establish first points of contact to expediently receive and disseminate cyber safety material and to assist in the establishment of shared resources for Anglican schools. By working together, the network aims to support each other in developing strong, innovative and
improved practices.

The Cyber Safety Champion Network is chaired by the ASC Cyber Safety Support Officer and each school has been offered the opportunity to nominate a Cyber Safety Champion to represent their school in the network. Cyber Safety Champions are nominated by the school because they fulfil
important roles in driving the school’s cyber safety quality improvement agenda and efforts (i.e eSmart Schools planning, implementing and sustaining).

Speak to your Administration and find out who your schools Cyber Safety Champions are.