Image Based Abuse
eSafety Commissioner launches world first IBA Portal

eSafety Commissioner launches world first IBA Portal

The Australian eSafety Commissioner has launched a world-first initiative — an Image Based Abuse tool for all Australians! This tool is accessible via the online portal which is for all Australians who have had their intimate images or videos shared without their consent.

The affects can be devastating for victims. Do not accept it. The online portal contains practical help, support and how to report IBA (Image Based Abuse). The eSafety Commissioner’s research shows that a significant number of Australians have been affected by IBA—1 in 5 for women aged 18-45 and 1 in 4 for Indigenous Australians.

Everyone is now able to access tangible support and advice through the new online portal.

Sharing an intimate image without consent is unacceptable.