B4 U Hit Like

B4 U Hit Like

Before you hit the like button consider what they are saying about you.

People may not understand the reason why you have ‘Liked’ a post and it can be easily misinterpreted.  People may overlook your written comment and focus on the imagery instead. You need to ask yourself do you want to be associated with the profile, posts, meme and tweets. How would someone else view my actions online? Are my ’Likes’ a true reflection of me and can they be taken out of contact. There also have been examples in the recent media with translators programs completely displaying incorrect meaning!

Prospective employers may use these to create a skewered virtual picture of you and as they do have the context why you are associated with a profile, site or post.

SPACE give yourself some space and just pause.

Stop: You don’t have to post anything.
Pause: Get up and walk away? The longer the better!
Assess: THINK what will happen if you post it.
Check: Talk to a responsible adult. What do they say?
Execute: if it passes, otherwise DELETE!

Further information is located in Cyber BYTES issue 3