eSafety Women

The eSafety Commissioner continues to tackle the online issues, including how to empower and building the capacity of Australian women to be safe online and to help keep their chidlren safe. Build your knowledge of technology in your home! Protect your own privacy and develop an eSafety plan! visit eSafety Commissioner eSafety for women’s website today! eSafety Poster  eSafety Postcard 

eSafety Commissioner’s new 4 R’s

Julie Inman Grant, eSafety Commissioner outlines todays youth need a new set of R’s Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, and Reasoning. Previous generations were taught that the fundamental ‘Rs’ of education were “Reading, ‘(w)riting, and ‘(a)rithmetic and while these still hold true the digitial age has added another layer of connective learning. Young & eSafe’s 4 Rs is designed to empower our young generation […]

Online Safety: On the Edge 2017

1 – 3 November National Conference of Cyber Safety hosted by eSafety Commissioner Australia and New Zealand Netsafe. The conference brings togethor influential thinkers and leaders from around the globe dedicated to creating a safer world online. The Anglican Schools Commission’s Cyber Safety Support Officer, Steve Window  participated in the eSafety workshops prior the conference looking at: The state of […]