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Our National Day of Action Against Cyber Bullying

Our National Day of Action Against Cyber Bullying

On the 15th of March, for the National Day of Action (NDA) on cyberbullying, 845 students in grades 4-6 took part in the virtual class room with an eSafety Commissioner educator. Eleven (11) Queensland Anglican schools and one (1) West Australian Anglican school stood togethor against cyberbullying. The aim was to empower our students and build their capabilities to deal with issues in an online world. 

During the event our student’s provided feedback about what they believed was cyberbullying:

Students also suggested what could be implemented to combat cyberbullying in their school. Our student’s replies included:

What our students say is cyberbullying

Making fun of people 

Having fake accounts 

Ganging up on people

Talking behind others backs 

Swearing online 

Name calling 

Hacking others accounts

Trolling other people 

Teasing and spreading rumours

Sharing rude comments

Being rude to others online

What our students say can be done about it

Having a school cyberbullying report box 

Having step by step guides for their school on what to do about cyberbullying

Having signs and reminders at school 

Having filters and monitors on devices

Have a regular place to go for online problems 

Teach how to be kind online

Well done to all our students! 

You are very insightful and togethor we all can make a better tomorrow! 

We are listening to you!