Fortnite Parents Info

Fortnite Parents Info

Fornite !

Fortnite is a shooting game which can be played for free. However, it contains micro-transactions in which your child can spend money. This is a massive online player game ‘BattleRoyale’ (hunger-games-esque) has 100 players per game contesting solo or in teams using iOS, PC, Android (Beta), Xbox or PlayStation. Blocking Fornite does not consider or solve issues which may be at play,  regardless whether your child plays or not. Issues common to games and Fortnite include: setting a screen time balance, in game cyberbullying, inappropriate chat, exposure to online groomers, issue motivated groups, personal data protection and privacy. We may Educate and Engage our children through the eSafety Commissioner’s Digital Citizenship process: Choose, Engage and Know!

Quick Tips

No more than 2 hours screen time a day. Total for all TV and devices unless it is for educational purposes.

Remember your house rules apply. Use consistent language as cues for clear communication to your children.

No devices in the bedroom. No consoles, laptops, phones, tablets – keep them in general areas of the house.

No gaming 1-2 hours before sleep. Create ‘time of day rule’ access using App, router, connected device, goggle family link, windows and soon iOS!

No gaming and multitasking. No gaming and homework. Real life MUST given priority. Consider appropriate time and place!


Fortnite is no different from any other online game with many having an added social element. Develop your children’s capabilities and resilience to process the real world and online world with PPRR: Prepare, Plan, Respond and Recover. 

PREPARE: Focus on ‘real life’ first, and then gaming. Do your homework, chores and attend to all real life responsibilities first! 

PLAN: What they will do in the game? What challenges you are trying to achieve? Where will go? Who will you see? Agree with parents how will you STOP and EXIT the game (by time, number of games or challenge?). 

RESPOND: During games what will you do if things go wrong?Recognise not all things go to plan and you may have to change what you are doing. Negative actions such as reporting everyone creates a negative in game footprint. 

RECOVER: Refocus on real life – clean up near consoles and attend to exercise (i.e. walk the dog).


When faced with poor behaviour on line it is important to know how to respond, try the INTERNET BIRD with your children:

Block: Use the power of block.

Ignore: You don’t have to respond. Let’s give appropriate attention it deserves – its online sledging.

Report : Use the Report buttons!

Don’t feed the trolls and haters. They only want to upset you. Take a break! Walk away and talk to a responsible adult – off line