iOS12 Screen Time

iOS12 Screen Time

iOS12 Parent's Screen Time Hot Take


iOS 12 is being released on the September 18th  (September 17th USA). 


In iOS12 Screen Time takes on and adds to the previous iOS ‘Parental Controls’. 


The new menu is located in Settings!





As parent you now have access to:

Weekly Reports of your children and your use across multiple devices (needs cloud connection and you have need to added your child in family sharing located here).

Downtime allows you to turn off your device’s functions between set times for example 7.30pm – 6.00am. During this time the device can still make calls. 

Always Allowed function you can set a white list of apps which can still be used during downtime. You can also contextualise this with allowing your child to listen to music but not access social media.

App Time limits can be set by category, by app, across devices which are connected via icloud.

  • You can set an overall top time limit for categories i.e. social media and games.
  • You can set a time limit targeting an app i.e. Fortnite, Snapchat or youtube!

Content and Privacy Restrictions – these are like the older Parental controls with a few new additions (I will look at these with parents in AIDE Presentations). This is where you filter content by appropriate age (7+, 12+, no explicit content  etc).  

You will have to select share across devices and have the apple account connected to that device as your child – aka same Apple ID 

Downtime – is a simple to use. Flick the control to show green and select a start and end time.

* your Allowed Apps can still be used – Music and Alarm clock. 

The Screen Time function breaks down:

  • How many times you pick up your device AND by how may times hour (aka like checky).
  • The Most Pickup function identifies peak usage and your or child’s daily habits. 
  • Break down usage by  App, Category, Time, Daily average of app use and Day (and last 7 days).

This may help parents contextualise their child’s device usage by time, app and habit.

Screen Time can be analysed by App, website or category and will allow a parent to have a quick overview usage.  

Parents will easily see if it is appropriate usage or where they need to take action on a particular app AND / OR website!

Example: Fortnite rated 12+ so should your 10 year have unsuperivised access to it?

Yes this function also takes into account any websites visited!


Note: this does not mean a child has 3 hours of game play: 2 hours Max and 1 hour Max of Fornite

Time Limit:

What happens when you or child reach the time limit?

  • You get a warning 5 minutes before hand;
  • Then a screen pop up shuts off usage!
  • As a parent you can provide a screen time code to allow your child to continue when this happens.

Please note that you need to tell your children about this function. I tested this function on my 10 year old last night. She swatted it away with out reading it and it shut off mid game.


The new functionality with Apple Screen Time will help manage digital wellbeing but like everything you need to turn them on, connect devices and play with it! Practice AIDE: Application Internet Device! Engage and Educate your child!

Contact your school’s Cyber Safety and Digital Wellbeing Champion, Student Counsellor or seek help if you need assistance with Digital Welllbeing! 

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