Anglican Schools eSports Exhibition QUT 2018

QUT eSports Exhibition Kicks off Anglican Competition Congratulations to Matthew Flinders Anglican School for winning the inaugural 2018 Anglican Schools eSports Exhibition! The competition was held on the 28th November at the QUT Arena, Australia’s first university gaming arena. Congratulations to all participating teams you were all truly wonderful ambassadors for your school!  The cheering, the laughter, the teamwork, the resilience […]

Safer Internet Day 2019

Days Hours Minutes Seconds Take the Pledge We are raising awareness across our schools to make a safer internet for everyone.  On the 5th of February we are hosting a Champions versus Schools event! Throughout 2019 Anglican Schools Commission Southern Queensland will be raising awareness of the 4 R’s of online safety in our constant engagement with staff, students and […]

Cyber check up!

5 Simple Searches These 5 simple searches to help you and give you a little cyber health boost. How strong is your password? Want to test how long it would take a computer to crack your, password?   Tip: Don’t use your real password! Just use one like it. This will give you an indication of your account’s security. Remeber: 1 […]