Cyber check up!

Cyber check up!

5 Simple Searches

These 5 simple searches to help you and give you a little cyber health boost.

How strong is your password?

Want to test how long it would take a computer to crack your, password?  

Tip: Don’t use your real password! Just use one like it. This will give you an indication of your account’s security.

Remeber: 1 password for 1 account


Have you been owned?

Check to see if your email, online account or platform has been subject to a data breach.

If you have been pwned – Don’t Panic. Change your password and check your reset details for any unknown accounts.

FYI: pwned is an old gamer term as a result of constant typos due to the fact the ‘o’ key is beside the ‘p’ key on a keyboard.

Do you know what you are clicking?

Understand what you are signing over when you tap ‘click here’ on a terms and conditions box. TSDR is alot simpler to understand and more informative!

 Be informed of the type of data you are signing over to possible 3rd parties.

Do you know what is out there?

You can do more than just do a general google or a google image search online. Try doing a ‘pipl’ or people search on yourself. 



Do you know if you can delete your data?

Do you know how hard or if you can even delete your data? The answer is it depends on the service you are using. This may give you an indication of the ease in removing your content. 

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