Online friends and strangers

Online friends and strangers

National Child Protection Week 2019

Research from the eSafety Commissioner shows 94% of parents feel their child’s online safety is important, however less than half felt confident to deal with online threats. 


To help parents and carers understand and deal with these issues, the eSafety Commissioner has a range of tools, tips and resources available.

Soar with the B.I.R.D.S

Start the conversation with your child and show them how they can soar with the B.I.R.D.S online.

Block – Any time you feel uncomfortable you can block the contact and go talk to someone (an adult) offline.

Ignore – You don’t have to respond and you can also mute them.

Report – Know how to report for each app you use.

Don’t Feed The Trolls. Delete contacts from strangers and people you don’t talk to. You don’t have to respond. 

Share it! You are not alone. Share it with a responsible adult offline (i.e. parents, carers and teachers).

The big issues: Unwanted Contact and Grooming

The eSafety Commissioner’s advice is tailored for different age groups and is located here:

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