Children under 5
eSafety Commissioner Children Under 5

eSafety Commissioner Children Under 5

What you need to know

Quality of screen time matters

We need to recognise not all screen time is the same. Australian guidelines outline no screen time for children under 2 and 1 hour a day for children up to 5. Recent research outlined by the eSafety Commissioner reveals that it maybe more about quality than quantity. However  we need to start straight away teaching appropriate behaviour about how and when we use devices, apps and screen content.

Are your children old enough?

When considering allowing your child access to digital devices, apps and screen time you need to look at : 

  • your child’s age;
  • your child’s maturity level;
  • your family routine; 
  • your level of supervision of them and 
  • quality of screen time and activity.

Family tech agreements

The eSafety Commissioner, in conjunction with ABC KIDS, developed a process for families to communicate how technology will be used in the home. You can start this when they are around 3 years of age is the recommended time to start! 

Good habits start now!

Parents and carers play a critical role in establishing their child’s online practises. As parents we need to build our children’s online resilience (how they react), promote respectful communication, encourage empathy and safe behaviour. 

Use the parental controls ! start teaching your kids now what is appropriate.

Additional online safety resources

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