Colour the world with Kindness – Responsibility

PRIMARY BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 25/02/2020.  Cover image from Cyberbullying.Org Inspirational Images   The 4Rs of online safety are Respect, Reasoning, Responsibility and Resilience.  These are simple words but can help you navigate the online world. Australia’s eSafety Commissioner said that responsibility should be taught from the first swipe of the iPad! She told Australia that you are the […]

Stop cyberbullying and be awesome instead

SENIOR BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 02/02/2020. Cyberbullying is just the same as bullying, it just occurs online.  Gossiping, telling lies and spreading rumours online is cyberbullying. Creating catfishing accounts is not pranking its cyberbullying. Once you post something online others may look at it very differently. You need to rethink that joke or that post. Deleting or […]

Can you spot fake information online?

PRIMARY BYTE: First appeared Cyber Tuesdays 02/02/2020. Things online can trick us into believing they are real but they are fake. Some news and business websites look real but they are spreading false information. Some are even trying to steal your money and personal details. Apps might try to do this as well. If someone knows all your personal information […]

Be present and mindful

SENIOR BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 25/02/2020.  To be in the present, to be mindful and to be connected doesn’t mean turn on all your social media notifications.  We all hear the pundits talking about issues with social media and smart devices. The eSafety Commissioner has reported that young people have 5 different social media services. Understand social […]

Be Safe in the Game!

PRIMARY BYTE First appeared in Cyber Tuesdays 10/02/2020. Maximise the fun and safety with some easy steps. For each game and device you use: you need to know how to: Take screen shots using the platform you are in Block a person (voice, chat and profile) Mute someone (voice, chat and profile) Report a person or content Make a private […]