Be Safe in the Game!

Be Safe in the Game!


First appeared in Cyber Tuesdays 10/02/2020.

Maximise the fun and safety with some easy steps.

 For each game and device you use: you need to know how to:


  • You can always start another game
  • Take a break, walk away and do something else
  • Share it and talk to trusted adults who can help you in real life (parents, carers, teacher, student counsellor)
  • Understand your parents and carers are to know who all the people you talk to and play with.

If your parents or carers don’t understand parts of gaming follow this simple guide:

  • Tell them what you do online in the game and how people are 
  • Explain to them how you handle random people in a squad
  • Show them you can take screen captures, block, mute and report    

Example – Randoms assigned to your squad in fortnite,

Tell them what happens in a fortnite game

Explain to them how people are added to your squad or group

Show them:


  • You will talk to them if anything is creepy or people try to contact them

Check out the eSafety Commissioner’s Kids section:  

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