PRIMARY BYTE: Updated 27/03/2020. First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 05/12/2019.

Be an eSafe Kid while at home >>>>Click<<<<. If you have an eSafe Question go to the experts at the eSafety Commissioner’s new Kids eSafe website. Once there simply click on the topic you need help with. You can talk to your parents and carers about it too. Show them the website and have them bookmark it on your smart device or computer.

Here are some of the topics:

While at home – Be Kind, Be secure, Be curious, Be Safe and Be smart!!!!

Give yourself some space. Just take a breath and pause before your like something or hit enter.

Consider giving yourself some SPACE (get up and mover to another room!) and relax a bit more:

S:           Stop, you don’t have to post anything.
P:           Pause, get up and walk away, the longer the better.
A:           Assess, THINK (see below) about what will happen if you post it.
C:           Check, talk to a responsible adult(parents and carers). What do they say?
E:           Execute ONLY if it passes, otherwise DELETE it and move on. Be positive online!

If at any time you have paused … it’s a good indication you shouldn’t send it. 

Think before you post online. Would my grandma be ok with me sending this? 

Consider the possibilities and THINK:
T:           Is this true?
H:          Is this hurtful?
I:            Is this illegal?
N:          Is this necessary?
K:           Is this kind?