Cyber Safety Champion Network

Cyber Safety AND DIGITAL WELLBEING ChampionS Network

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5th February 2019

The next meeting is being held in the Darnell Room at 373 Ann Street Saint Martin’s House 

( besideSt John’s Cathedral)

The courses and events are offered for staff of Anglican Schools Queensland, however if you would like to attend and event please contact ASC on 3835 2280 for more information.


Cyber Safety Champions are delegated by each school to drive the school’s cyber safety quality improvement agenda and cyber safety efforts. The concept of a Cyber Safety Champion Network combines the strategies of ‘Champions’ to support organisational change and a ‘Community of Practice’ (CoP). Both recognise the sociocultural aspects of supporting innovative and improved practices and organisational change.

Anglican Schools Commission
Cyber Safety and Digital Wellbeing Champion Schools

Online interactions

This is a quick video reminding everyone that emails form a part of everyone’s online reputation. An unprofessional email may have lasting effects as it is copied and shared indefinitely.

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Cyber Safety PLanning 2019

In the October 2018 meeting the Queensland Anglican Schools discussed plans for 2019!

Contact us if you would like to be a part of our network

Online Network

This is the Cyber Safety Champions forum, designed to support our cyber safety culture and to expediate protection for students from current cyber safety risks. 

The Forum site contains resources, network meeting materials, including agendas and is only accessible to network members.

eSafety Commissioner

The eSafety Commissioner outlines that each school should have a cyber safety contact person, or several people, as a first point of contact. The cyber safety contact is to facilitate incident responses in accordance with school response flow charts and to maintain communications.