I prefer you to make mistakes in kindness than work miracles in unkindness.

SECONDARY BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 12/03/2020.  Cover image from Cyberbullying.Org Inspirational Images   The online world can be overwhelming and things that started as a joke may have unintended consequences.  Sure, there may be some consequences, however, nothing is so bad that someone can’t help you.  Really there is someone who can assist you and may even have been through something […]

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud!

PRIMARY BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 12/03/2020.  Cover image from Cyberbullying.Org Inspirational Images   SHARE IT AND SOAR WITH THE B.I.R.D.S! Can you remember what the letters mean? Let’s look at the S in BIRDS (Block, Ignore, Report, Don’t Feed the Trolls and Share it with a responsible adult): the aspect of sharing your concerns with people who can help. It is […]

Colour the world with Kindness – Responsibility

PRIMARY BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 25/02/2020.  Cover image from Cyberbullying.Org Inspirational Images   The 4Rs of online safety are Respect, Reasoning, Responsibility and Resilience.  These are simple words but can help you navigate the online world. Australia’s eSafety Commissioner said that responsibility should be taught from the first swipe of the iPad! She told Australia that you are the […]

Stop cyberbullying and be awesome instead

SENIOR BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 02/02/2020. Cyberbullying is just the same as bullying, it just occurs online.  Gossiping, telling lies and spreading rumours online is cyberbullying. Creating catfishing accounts is not pranking its cyberbullying. Once you post something online others may look at it very differently. You need to rethink that joke or that post. Deleting or […]

Online Safety Right Now

This article first appeared in Anglican Focus on the 23rd of January 2020. https://anglicanfocus.org.au/2020/01/23/safer-internet-day/. Safer Internet Day is marked on Tuesday 11 February in 2020. Safer Internet Day (SID) previously signified the first online safety event of the new year specifically for schools; however, the eSafety Commissioner has evolved the day into a wider community movement. Safer Internet Day started […]

Cyber BYTES eBook1 2019

Updated Sections! A collected and updated version of Cyber BYTES issues released in 2017-2018 is now available.  This contains helpful hints for parents and students. Contents Include: click here Being Real Online  Your Digital Footprint  Dealing with Fake News Before You Post  10 Good Rules for Social Media  12 Security Tips for Everyone Online Gaming    Cyberbullying  Cyberbullying and the […]

Parents and Carers Advice

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner (OESC) is the Australian authority for responding to online matters Check out the new parents and carers section of the eSafety Commissioner’s website. This contains straight forward advice on the big 6 issues (pornogrphy, grooming, sexting, time online, gaming and cyberbullying) and has another section with advice about online basics and taming technology.  OESC […]

Beyond Safer Internet Day 2019

Keep youth safe online with the ‘4Rs’ On Safer Internet Day 2019, on 5 February, the Anglican Schools Commission hosted an online event with the Office of the eSafety Commissioner (OESC) for Anglican school students in Years 4-6. 11 schools participated in the event across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The session targeted the ‘4Rs’ of cyber safety: respect, […]

Safer Internet Day 2019

Days Hours Minutes Seconds Take the Pledge We are raising awareness across our schools to make a safer internet for everyone.  On the 5th of February we are hosting a Champions versus Schools event! Throughout 2019 Anglican Schools Commission Southern Queensland will be raising awareness of the 4 R’s of online safety in our constant engagement with staff, students and […]