Online Safety Right Now

This article first appeared in Anglican Focus on the 23rd of January 2020. Safer Internet Day is marked on Tuesday 11 February in 2020. Safer Internet Day (SID) previously signified the first online safety event of the new year specifically for schools; however, the eSafety Commissioner has evolved the day into a wider community movement. Safer Internet Day started […]

Educate and Engage

Anglican AIDE: Application Internet Device Educate and Engage your Child As parents and carers, we are the custodians of our family’s online environment, but this can be a challenge due to distractions, fear of the unknown rhetoric, ‘techno guilt’ (worrying about what we do/don’t do or allow) and often changing and sometimes contradicting advice.  Consider navigating the online world using […]

MFAC school community makes its own home agreements!

During 2017, Steve McLean, the Cyber Safety Champion from Matthew Flinders Anglican College (MFAC), ran a parent forum to determine the needs of the school community. The purpose was to develop a shared understanding of how technology should be used by families away from school, in home and within the community more broadly. It is widely understood that families mostly […]