Safer Internet Day 2021

Safer Internet Day 9th February 2021 On Safer Internet Day 2021 join the entire world coming togethor in a global effort to help adults and children interact online Days Hours Minutes Resources for Educators Primary School Secondary School Early Years 1 in 5 young people reported being socially excluded, threatened, or abused online. *eSafety Commissoner Dec 2020 eSafety Commissioner

Online disrespect and the spread of misinformation reveals how suspectable we are in a digital age.

SENIOR BYTE  False (or partially false) information spread in times of an emergency can: Hinder your ability to find factual information you need to know how to keep yourself safe; Place people’s physical and financial safety at risk; Divert the time agencies, involved in keeping us all safe, spend on the CORE issues; Delay help getting to those that need […]

Free Apps and Games!

PRIMARY BYTE If we use our special online superpower of Reasoning (one of the 4Rs of online safety) we can examine if those free games and apps are really free or if  there is a catch? The questions we need to ask are:  Why is if free? And, what do they want from us? The saying ‘it is too good to be […]

Respecting each other’s privacy and help available online

SENIOR BYTE First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 14/05/2019. We have heard about the privacy risks online before: Online abuse (cyberbullying); Image-based abuse; Over sharing; Not protecting your personal information; and Treating online friends as real friends. We have also heard of the real-world repercussions before: Long term trust and reputational damage (for years); Unwanted contact; and Financial damage or missing […]

How do you make good choices online?

PRIMARY BYTE First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 14/05/2019.  When you have a tricky situation or decision to make online try this: Think about your options. Evaluate what would happen if you followed each of these options. Choose the best option with the best outcome for yourself and any other people involved. Ask for assistance, as some choices maybe hard […]

eSafety Online Safety Sessions

Please feel free to share these links with your school community. FAMILY  CHILDREN  EDUCATORS AND TEACHER PD These online sessions are run by the eSafety Commissioner’s Office and are open for all of Australia. These are Free (at no cost) Time 30 minutes to 1 hour Spaces are limited Please register as early as possible eSafety is starting a no […]

Digital Check-Up!

SENIOR BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 05/12/2019.  OK summer and school holidays are finally here. What will your digital reputation look like next year? Your digital reputation is the sum of all your interactions online. Your posts, your comments, your uploads and photos. All of them. This means as much as social media is regular part of your life […]

Be an eSafe kid!

PRIMARY BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 05/12/2019.  Cover image from  Be an eSafe Kid over summer >>>>Click<<<<. If you have an eSafe Question go to the experts at the eSafety Commissioner’s new Kids eSafe website. Once there simply click on the topic you need help with. You can talk to your parents and carers about it too. Show them […]

I prefer you to make mistakes in kindness than work miracles in unkindness.

SECONDARY BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 12/03/2020.  Cover image from Cyberbullying.Org Inspirational Images   The online world can be overwhelming and things that started as a joke may have unintended consequences.  Sure, there may be some consequences, however, nothing is so bad that someone can’t help you.  Really there is someone who can assist you and may even have been through something […]

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud!

PRIMARY BYTE: First appeared in Anglican Cyber Tuesdays 12/03/2020.  Cover image from Cyberbullying.Org Inspirational Images   SHARE IT AND SOAR WITH THE B.I.R.D.S! Can you remember what the letters mean? Let’s look at the S in BIRDS (Block, Ignore, Report, Don’t Feed the Trolls and Share it with a responsible adult): the aspect of sharing your concerns with people who can help. It is […]