The Office of the eSafety Commissioner (OESC) is Australia’s authority for all online matters.

The eSafety Commissioner’s most recent blog, COVID-19: an online safety kit for parents and carers,  has links to good resources. So too does the COVID-19: keeping schools and learning safe online blog which includes tips on using social media and online collaboration platforms. Our Commissioner has also penned two open letters to Australia’s school principals and teachers and Australian’s parents and carers.


Office of the eSafety Commissioner

eSafety for Parents and Carer’s

Cyber BYTES is a newsletter to assist staff, parents and help students to make SMART decisions online.

Parents and Teachers in Anglican Schools can access the Safe on Social School Toolkit via their online safety champion or their school portal.

You can follow the new Anglican Schools Commission’s Online Safety blog.

Do you know who your school online safety champion is?


Parents and Carers Guide

Screen Time Advice

Mobile Phone Advice

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School Parental AIDE Sessions

Parent AIDE Sessions

The Anglican Schools Commission offers two types of school parental sessions covering up-to-date cyber safety issues affecting their children. The program is designed to assist parents to tackle complex issues using the AIDE Principle: Applications, Internet, Devices, Engage and Educate your child! 

2020 Sessions will include new information from the eSafety Commissioner 2019 conference!

The AIDE Principle session is followed up with Parental Q & A session 2 to 3 weeks after the main presentation. 

These can be tailored to fit the school’s needs, for example holding drop in sessions with your child’s device!  

We need a community response to a community issue! 

The Online Safety Guide has been produced in multiple languages by the eSafety Commisioner.

Participating Anglican Schools have a Online Safety Champion to represent their school in the Anglican Schools Commission Online Safety Champion Network. Champions are nominated by each school because they fulfil important roles in driving each school’s online safety quality improvement agenda and efforts (such as eSmart Schools planning, implementing and sustaining). Speak to your schools Administration and find out who your school’s Cyber Safet Champion is today!


This is a quick Anti bullying message from His Royal Highness, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

Representatives from the Diana Foundation attended the 2019 eSafety Conference and delivered powerful messages about the effects of cyberbullying on children, and the need for all of us to start to talk and take a stand today!

Lets work together and build a better online community: be positive, be respectful and be smart online.

Quick BYTES...

Image Based Abuse: Kate’s Story 

Kate had been dating Lachlan for three years. He was her first boyfriend and they were totally in love. One day Lachlan asked Kate to send him some ‘special pics—just for him’. Kate trusted Lachlan, so she texted him a couple of topless photos and made him promise to delete them straight away.

Image Based Abuse: Steven’s Story

Steven had been going out with Sean for six months. Things were going well, they had fun together and so one night they took a few intimate pictures. 

Image Based Abuse: Anna’s Story

Anna met her boyfriend Adam at work. At first they were just colleagues but they grew closer working together on a project that involved long hours—a few months later they were dating. 

Safety Community is growing!