ASEL Contender Wellbeing

A Positive Youth Development Culture


The league is a dynamic and positive community which goes beyond the keyboard into real life interactions. 

Each round 4 schools come together and compete in 3 Disciplines

  • Real Time Strategy
  • Tactical
  • Sport 

Contenders focus on the 4 Rs of online safety respect , responsibility, reasoning and resilience. 

The program highlights self-regulation and positive growth mindset.

4 Rs of Online Safety


The league has a long term wellbeing focus with practical support and leadership:  

  • Pre-event 

  • During event 

  • Post event. 

Our community:

Competitive: You are there to win but winning isn’t everything.

Promoting Team Work: This is essential to overcome obstacles and challenges from the other teams in the league.

Focusing On Strategy:  Pre game prep, in game reactions and post-game break down. Do you know the other teams strategies? 

An Equal Opportunity Community:  Inclusive for everyone.

Exhibiting Respect: Participants follow the golden rule by treating others how they want to be treated online and offline.

Promoting Critical Reasoning:  Quick thinking trying to be one step ahead of your opponents with fast paced coordination with your team to deal with in game problems as they arise.

Exhibiting Resilience:  exhibiting grace and getting back up from personal defeat as well as in team defeat.

Responsible: Owning your own actions not just the successes but also failures.

Teams Are Upstanders: Helping your team mates online as well as offline and being an ambassador (positive role model) for others. 

Our Elite Athletes ASPIRE code

Attitude – A positive attitude is essential in overcoming obstacles to help me improve and give my best. My positive attitude is a key ingredient to success and leadership.

Sportsmanship – I recognise that sport is greater than the individual; that cheating reduces the stature of sport and all who love it; that class, race and creed are never factors in the attitude of true sports people and those who respect the virtues and values of sport.

Pride – Pride drives me when the temptation is to settle for something less. I am proud to have been chosen to represent their school.

Individual responsibility – I alone am responsible for my performance, but I will be generous in acknowledging the support of others.

Respect – I respect sport, the efforts of my competitors, my team mates and officials.

Express – I have an opinion and will express my view with thought and consideration to others. In showing my emotions I do so with individuality and, where possible, good humour and humility. Together we aspire to achieve our highest level of performance and conduct.