School Esports Advisory Board

Next Meeting 30 January 2020 4pm (Online)

Well this is exciting ... lots more to do. Check back or get in touch with the Anglican Schools Commission or QUT Esports to participate.

 Spaces are available in the revised and extended High Schools Leagues for Queensland south east region and country areas. 

Contact Anglican Schools Commission or QUT Esports to participate in 2020.

Measured steps

The purpose of the board is:
  • Embed safety and a wellbeing structure which empowers students to enable positive youth development
  • Collaborate on a competition governance framework that allows growth and keeps our vision strong
  • To be a consultative team for arising issues and encourage our vision 
  • Connect and empower schools in order to develop Qld esports industry
  • Provide schools with practical insights and advice
  • Monitor performance and challenge processes to improve the quality of our individual competitors and skill of our competition
  • Undertake continuous improvement, keep updated on esport developments and industry trends