Cyber BYTES has been developed in a newsletter format to provide school communities with up to date information relating to cyber safety.  Cyber BYTES contains handy tips and links to reputable sources to assist staff, parents and students to make SMART decisions about their digital reputation and on-line safety.

Cyber BYTES is a cybersafety education program managed by the Anglican Schools Commission Southern Queensland as part of the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane’s commitment to cybersafety in our community.

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Cyber Byte – Audience for everyone

Primary Byte – Audience  primary school students

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Online Safety – This is for everyone especially for parents as it may include cyber securityupdates. 

Cyber BYTES - past editions

Issue 7 2019

This edition contains how to be an upstander and hints to tackle cyberbullying. We look at how to have class online, tips on live streaming and password management. There is a overview of the 4 Rs of Cyber Safety: Respect, Responsbility, Resilience and Reasoning.

Issue 8
eBook 1

This eBook is a collected edition from 2017 - 2018. Some parts and sections have been updated to reflect tech changes!

Issue 9

Term 4! It is time to update your apps and devices! There is an overview on one the 4 Rs - Respect and 4 things you can do right now to make a change. We look at the using social media being smart, sensible, supportive, sensitive and safe! There is also information on how to make Tik Tok private. and how to get help with cyberbullying.

Issue 6 2018

Issue 6 continues examining a positive use of technology. We look at the game 'The Lost Summer' released by the eSafety Commissioner. We look at digital intelligence and digital citizenship, Instagram Help, being a helpful online bystander, some username hints and a helpful app Checky.

Issue 5 2018

In the May issue we look at the results of the Anglican National Day of Action Day of Action on cyberbullying, being 'real' online, considerations on dealing with fake news and eSports developments. There are some handy hints on YouTube, Fortnite and Yubo (formerly Yellow).

Issue 4 2018

This issue covers the lunch of this website! We look at the bystander affect on cyberbullying, some handy hints to help you online, IBA (Image Based Abuse) and available IBA family support. We also take a quick at Roblox and App Bit looks at YouTube Kids.

Issue 3 2017

This issue covers the Anglican Schools Cyber Safety Champion Network, cyber AIDE parental sessions, protecting your privacy online, hints about sending photos, 10 good rules for social media and the help section looks at posting comments. App Bit looks at KiK.

Issue 2 2017

This issue covers screen time strategies, the eSafety Commissioner's website, online gaming dangers, Facebook passwords, Facebook parental help, tips on teen bullying, your digitial foot print, and the Minecraft update. App Bit looks at the app Instagram.

Issue 1 2017

This issue covers parental support in Queensland Anglican Schools, the Help section covers 5 ways your image can be misused, options for image removal and lastly social media and personal safety. App Bit looks at

Cyber BiTS

Tips Computer Keys Meaning Hints And Guidance

12 Tips

Don't Let Cyber Bite!

Loot boxes

Premium AAA titles and free to play game costs can spiral through in game purchases. The practice in games is likened to the effect of gambling.


An update for parents on Fortnite!



This is an introduction to Snapchat examining privacy settings, engaging positively online, making a choice to send images, as well as blocking, deleting and reporting options.