Online Safety Events 2021

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence
Friday 19th March 2021

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) is an annual school event to mark Australian school communities taking a stand together against bullying and violence.


Resources for Educators

1 in 5 young people reported being socially excluded, threatened, or abused online.

*eSafety Commissoner Dec 2020


28 January 2021 Data Privacy Day.

Back to School! Have you seen or completed the Anglican Schools Commission’s Parent AIDE program or Staff AIDE  (Teacher PD) program? 

AIDE: Application, Internet, Device, Education and Engage your child

Time to sign the User Consent Forms, Code of Conduct and ICT Agreements!


9 February 2021 Safer Internet Day (SID).  This year the SID tag we look at ‘Keeping Safe in the Game’. This is an international day of action for online safety.


17 February 2021 Random Acts of Kindness. Kindness starts with one. Be nice online. Here are some online teacher resources


15 March 2021 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA).  The NDA is a key anti-bullying event. Lesson plans and class resoruces are located here.


15- 21 March 2021  is Harmony Week. Use social media positively. Resources are located here


1 April 2021 Fake News Day! Use your critical thinking skills to spot some online gimmicks and fake news. 


Young and Safe @ eSafety Commissioner

Trust me @ Childnet 

StaySmart Online 


03 -09 May 2021 Privacy Awareness Week (PAW).

It’s time to undertake an ehealth check up!  

The updated sites and resources will be added when they become available from the eSafety Commissioner and the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).      



18 June 2021 Stop Cyberbullying Day brings organisations and people together to speak out against cyberbullying and digital abuse. The day promotes the basic principle of mutual respect for others.

22 June 2021 Be Kinder Day The purpose of the day is to discuss kindness, empower children/people and enable them to see they each have the capacity to make a difference in the world.   


30 July 2021 International Day of Friendship Day. A United Nations led event that promotes peace, solidarity, understanding and reconciliation. Inspire each other and build peace between communities. 


Consider a mid year review on Digitial Citizenship. 

Lesson Plans from the eSafey Commisioner 


 5-11 Sept 2021 National eSmart Week and  Child Protection Week.  

Links to current pages and resources will be available once they are online. Please note eSmart holds a competition and has a week of events. eSmart’s 2021 events are located here.



7 – 13 Oct 2021 Stay Smart Online Week is an awareness project for how your can be 

29 Oct 2021 the Day for Daniel is Australia’s largest child safety awareness and education day. 


13 Nov 2021 World Kindness Day is for us to look beyond ourselves and remove barriers to positive communication.


10 Dec 2021 Human Rights Day.  Understand your digital rights and responsibilities online. 

Digital Citzenship @ eSafety Commissioner