Get started now with the ACSC checklist

The Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) goal is to make our communityt the safest place to connect online.  The ACSC has developed aneasy  guide to assist in reducing the risk from cyber criminals and threats online. This checklist is designed for you to spend for a couple of minutes a day over 6 days checking your passwords, increasing your security awareness […]

Parents and Carers Advice

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner (OESC) is the Australian authority for responding to online matters Check out the new parents and carers section of the eSafety Commissioner’s website. This contains straight forward advice on the big 6 issues (pornogrphy, grooming, sexting, time online, gaming and cyberbullying) and has another section with advice about online basics and taming technology.  OESC […]

A ‘How to’ guide for screen time controls

Ho Ho Ho, Christmas Day is near! Your children may have already written a wish list to Santa, and at the top of nearly every child’s Christmas list is some form of gaming device. Below are a list of methods for controlling your children’s screen time throughout the holidays. Live by example Children look up to their parents therefore it’s […]

Educate and Engage

Anglican AIDE: Application Internet Device Educate and Engage your Child As parents and carers, we are the custodians of our family’s online environment, but this can be a challenge due to distractions, fear of the unknown rhetoric, ‘techno guilt’ (worrying about what we do/don’t do or allow) and often changing and sometimes contradicting advice.  Consider navigating the online world using […]

Cyber check up!

5 Simple Searches These 5 simple searches to help you and give you a little cyber health boost. How strong is your password? Want to test how long it would take a computer to crack your, password?   Tip: Don’t use your real password! Just use one like it. This will give you an indication of your account’s security. Remeber: 1 […]

Scams and Privacy

Updated 29/03/2020 Handy hints to protect your data Passwords Don’t forget to sign out Don’t use the same password for more than one service (use a password manager) Use a pass phrase instead of a password! Its will be easier to remember and more secure. Don’t save passwords in web broswers or to your desktop Change your password IMMEDIATELY if […]